Establishing a brand does not stop at showcasing a product or service; it is creating an emotional connection with potential customers that places value on your brand. This is done through creating quality content that draws potential customers in to hear your story. The more engaging the content the more potential customers will be drawn to your brand thus increasing your sales. With Boottik, businesses are able to connect and create that emotional engagement today's customer wants. Brands will be able to set a budget, handpick content gurus, and reach customers.


After filling out your profile, you will be able to:


Create Jobs
What platform(s) do you want to promote your brand on? When creating a job, you will able to choose the platform(s) that will allow perspective gurus to create your brands engaging content. You will provide them with a budget, set duration for the job and give guidelines to how you want to tell your brands story. .


View Applicants
The next step on the road to establishing your brand is reviewing perspective gurus. Once your job has been posted in Boottik marketplace, our content gurus will apply and you will be able to see all they have to offer in the way of reach, cost, and duration of campaign that they are offering. In addition, you will be able to view the applicants profile and the ability to contact them for further information.


Approve Applicant
Now comes the fun part, picking your guru! It is important to review their proposal and make sure they can convey your brand's story in an engaging and compelling way. Once you are all set you can approve the guru and get started.


Review The Work and Pay
Once the content guru delivers the content to your satisfaction, we will help you securely release your payment to the content guru.