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We understand how important Influencer Marketing is in today's world. Establishing your brand is more than just showing a service or product, it is about selling the lifestyle. With Boottik, Brands are able to connect and tell the story that they really want their audience to know. Brands will be able to Set a Budget, Handpick Influencers, and Reach Customers.

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We understand how important your social media accounts are to you! Your followers trust your judgements and are interested in all the things you love, which is why you are the most important part of this equation. With Boottik you are able to connect with a brand that interests you, and engage with your audience to deliver them the things you know they will love.

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Marketing’s Role in Supply Chain Management
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Marketing’s Role in Supply Chain Management

A Supply Chain Management team typically provides services that focus on the supervision of materials, information and finances as it relates to the process of getting goods in the hands of the consumer. This team takes the good from point of product development to supplier to manufacturer to distributor to retailer then to the customer. Many believe that a Marketing team’s primary role is to facilitate communication between company and customer...

The Forgotten Value of Publicity
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Often confused with its counterpart advertising, publicity is exceedingly more powerful. Publicity uses direct communication with the media through news releases and email that is usually cost-less to a company. On the other hand, advertising can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars for one nonrecurring ad in a major newspaper or magazine.
Though advertising can guarantee the content, size, location, reach, and frequency of your message, publicity offers two major benefits that are important...

Keep Your Millennial Customers by Engaging the Way They Want You To!
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The way customer service is delivered has changed drastically since the introduction of the Millennials in the workplace. It is no surprise that the largest and most educated generation in history is significantly different from their predecessors and demands more to keep up with the rapid acceleration of technology.

Many companies fail when it comes to customer service because of their inability to keep up with the demands of the Millennials. According to a study conducted by